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ZHEJIANGWENCHUANG MACHINERYCO.,LTD.Create yourself and realize no self



Zhejiang WenChuang Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Company was founded in 1998, the predecessor for the innovation of science and technology co., LTD., wenzhou has more than 20 years of history, has more than 50 kinds of senior talent, has accumulated rich technical experience, professional research and development, manufacture, sales and service: BOPP laser holographic multi-function in version type roller moulding machine, PE, CPP, drawing film, gold green membrane, the cat eye film, all over the sky star moulding machine, BOPP, PET version without seam moulding machine......
Enterprise Culture
Boutique awareness is in my mind
Enterprise Honor
Recognition and approval
Show some of the partners
Creating Self and Realizing Self-Freedo
Xu AnXin 20 years of entrepreneurial innovation, always innovative entrepreneurship and strategic decision-making conform to the trend of The Times pilotage and warm, has experienced three major development strategy change, from a small lead temperature and processing, the small plant growth for two or three people have registered capital of 10 million, more than 50 kinds of advanced talents, 5000 square meters factory building of the independent brand enterprise.
Mr Xu WenChuang Machinery-Author
20 years of experience Mass production Innovative r&d design sales service
Provide integrated service from single machine to complete production line German DMG CNC Precision Machining Center
Large Pentahedral Gantry Machining Center
Over 50 Senior Talents of All Kinds
Professional R&D, Manufacturing,Service
Door-to-door allocation, one-year warranty
Providing the best products and services.
This machine is mainly used for various materials such as PET moulding, laser transparent cover film, color laser aluminium coating, environmentally friendly laser transfer paper, laser electrochemical aluminium, cat eye film, onion film, widely used in the production of high-grade anti-counterfeiting packaging materials.
Cutting machine
The ideal pressure can be obtained by using precise pressure reducing valve to control the upper and lower rolling rolls. To solve the problem of uneven thickness between upper and lower axes, automatic control Rewinding motor torque realizes constant tension control.
Printing Machine
Mainly used for printing cellophane, BOPP, PET, CPP, CPEPVC aluminum foil, paper and other roll materials. The whole machine has the advantages of high configuration, high color matching accuracy and so on. Feeding speed and time can be adjusted at will.
High-speed Re-reeling machine
It can rewind all kinds of high-demand reel-like film, paper and other materials according to different types of materials. The rewinding machine adopts PLC and touch screen control. The control is simple and easy to learn. It is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for gift paper industry.
Optimum Design of Process Flow
Familiar with equipment and technology to ensure overprint accuracy
Optimizing Equipment Performance
Optimize the performance of raw and auxiliary materials and equipment
Quality inspection optimization
In case of discovery, promptly remind operators to deal with it.
Start-up preparation training
Work condition is checked to ensure product quality stability.
浙江溫創公司創始人徐安新先生首次接受中央電視臺主持人采訪,徐總重點講了一個企業的領導者一定要有良心,愛心,信心,責任心,發揚 “敢為天下先”的中國溫州人精神,創造自我,實現無我,回報合作伙伴,回報社會。
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Contact: Mb:13906667082 Tel:0577-63679996 Fax:0577-63667088
Add:666 aojiang avenue, pingyang county, wenzhou city, zhejiang province, China
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Zhejiang Wenchuang Machinery Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved




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